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Looking for a computer case

Hello all.

My crisis is over, found a new place and everything is settled.

I’m looking to overhaul the looks of my PC. But i’m kinda looking for something a bit special.

I’ve been getting a bit nostalgic for the old days of computers that would sit on the desk, your monitor on top of it, and seeing those big 5 1/4 floppy disk drives in the front.

Does anyone make a computer case that has that old school beige computer look? I don’t actually have to have 5 1/4 drives. But I’d like to put a Blu-ray drive in it, or one of my stardock hotswap bays. Every PC case i see lately is black, and boring and plain old doesn’t hit my chops anymore.

My dad used to have a desktop pc that was a Gateway. It literally was the size of a 4U server chassis, but wasn’t nearly as deep. I want that look again. Those computers always looked futuristic. Now everything looks flat, and boring.

I’ve been looking on the net, but I guess my search terms just aren’t good enough to find anything. Has anyone seen anything that might fit my fancy?

Oh, and it needs to fit a standard ATX size motherboard.


Hmm, finding something new will be hard.
Supermicro used to have cases that fit that description.
CSE-745S2-R800 for example

Edit: Would you look at that!

The SilverStone FT01 looks like one of the oldschool cases, at least in the silver version. Might be hard to find though.

InWin C589 is also giving me 2010 flashbacks.

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