Looking for a compatible Switching Adapter for MBEST 27" Monitor

Hey everybody,

I’m looking for some helping finding a compatible replacement switching adapter for my Korean Special MBEST 144hz gaming monitor which was reviewed by LVL1. I bought this monitor based on the linked review back in July of 2018 and it crapped out on me a couple weeks ago. I think it might be the switching adapter as it gets very hot. I would like to test a compatible replacement before I throw away the monitor. I used to know the rules for finding adapters like this but Its been a long time. Can someone help?

Image of the adapter

Any center-positive adapter that can deliver 12V at 4A (= 4000mA) or greater will do.

Question is what kind of jack the monitor accepts (luckily there are only a bazillion shapes for barrel jacks).

Thanks! I knew it was easy, but didn’t want to screw it up more.

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