Looking for a color accurate 1440p 27" monitor

Hi guys,

I'm looking at buying a new monitor with 1440p 27" and good color accuracy (i'm a graphic designer). I've already done some research and found the Dell U2711 used for €275, it has 98% coverage of AdobeRGB but i've heard from other sources that it is becoming obsolete. Is €275 too much for it? I've not seen any other monitor with the same specs for around that price in the netherlands. Should I go for it or wait for prices to drop? I'm really not looking to pay much more than €275

Thanks guys

Well, yes, it is a six year old monitor, however, whether it's obsolete for your particular needs depends on exactly what you want out of it. In terms of color accuracy and gamut it's not worse than newer models, the biggest difference between IPS panels from 2010 and 2015 is input lag and response time, which only matter in gaming.

You will not find anything better in terms of color reproduction for the same price among new models. U2711 was high-end on release, nothing for 300 euros now will be.

Check tftcentral reviews for detailed comparisons.

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Anything LG ips, but not sure if you could find them for that cheap.

I personal y love this monitor but its a bit over $300 price point

Will I notice the response time difference? I currently have a TN panel with 8ms response time, I have a 970 also, but willing to run medium/high for 60fps in gaming.

It actually starts at 400 euros in Europe.

I have never used a panel that slow, so I don't know. If you are planning to game on it too, I would definitely pay extra to get a decent new panel.

Alternatively, buy yourself a second monitor for gaming later. I have a 1440p monitor myself, and in my opinion, gaming on 1080p is overall a better experience, since 1440p over 1080p is not in any way worth 30% performance hit.

Colors of a TN panel never realy impressed me.
IPS panels have a way better color reproduction.

Well, you can't really have any color reproduction on TN panel anyway, since colors change if you change position of your head even a little, and colors even differ on different parts on the monitor, since different pixels are at different angles in respect to your eyes.

See if you can find a BenQ SW2700PT - its a 27" RGB color management monitor.

1440p IPS 99%RGB accurate 10 bit panel built specifically for artists. Color calibration is built in at the hardware level and its a true 10 bit - not simulated. It also has a 5ms response time.

Ignore the pricing - its AUD, so in Euro it would be around 500 - its more than you wanted to pay, but you get what you pay for


I'm willing to compromise the 27 inch if it gets me a better screen overall, ive seen the Dell Ultrasharp U2515H for 330 but when I look at the TFTcentral review for it they have a maximum deltaE of about 6, isn't that a bit high? I have no calibration equipment of my own.


Yeah what i basicly ment to say is that the colors on a TN panel arent as great as an IPS.

Change that. That is step one.
I own a U2711. It is a good monitor and if you can handle the colors (step one) even an old monitor like it can look amazing.
It isn't a fast monitor but it is ok if you don't play twitchy fps or so.

Isn't that pretty expensive? I've looked at calibration equipment before but what would be a good choice for me?

Well, ... yeah, it is unfortunately. If that is not possible, try to find someone that has such a device. Photographers tend to have those, anyone who is editing stuff. Maybe look in photography forums. I bet you can find someone to borrow it from or someone that will help you. Maybe for a little fee.

You don't need the device all the time. And there is free software that you can use with the colormeter. (google displaycal)

I am not sure about the spyder stuff, I guess everything spyder 4 or 5 should be ok.
Personally I have the i1Display Pro. That one is supported by displaycal and can do wide gamut.
Something like spyder 3 or DTP94 is not optimal because those don't handle wide gamut displays well.

I know some other photographers so I might ask them if I can borrow one from them. I think I will be able to get a much better monitor if I don't have to buy a calibrator. That will be something for later this year. What's your opinion on the U2515H?

I don't know that one but the reviews seem to like it very much. Actually I didn't know you could get such a panel for that money. Pretty insane. If you buy that new, you probably don't need a calibration for some time. These come factory calibrated.

Oh wow really? That's pretty good then, i've seen the review on TFTcentral and they included an ICC profile in their review, should I use that if I get this monitor?

No, it should be enough to set everything to sRGB.