Looking for a 'cheap' portable laptop/tablet capable of playing strategy games and Linux compatible (UK)

So my idea is since I already have a decent ‘gaming’ laptop and a main gaming rig, I am looking into getting an easy-carry laptop / 2 in 1 / tablet for multimedia, programming and gaming with less taxing games such as Cities: Skylines etc.

Favorable features would be:

  • Linux compatible without much hassle
  • IPS Display
  • 1080p+
  • 10" - 14"

Does anyone have any recommendations? I dont really have a budget but the more ‘value’ the better

for any laptop that is linux compatible then i would reccomend system76.com


well I am not sure how good of a choice is system76 for someone from UK. There will be inport taxes and VAT also …

I agree system76 do great work and their laptops are amazing for Linux. They even have a holiday sale on right now so could get a pretty good discount. The only issue is shipping and customs out of the US so OP will have to be prepared to pay up to an extra 20% on top of the price+shipping but if you want an amazing Linux laptop you can’t go wrong with system76 and there aren’t many similar options to them in the UK.

Refurb Thinkpads?

X220, T420 for example


As you are in the UK have a look at Entroware, you are going to be spending somewhere in excess of £700 for that IPS 1920x1080 screen with intel graphics. If you want a dedicated GPU then that gets a lot more expensive. I’m not sure you need that much graphics power for the type of games you have mentioned.



Well, there is that HP Envy x360 laptop with a Ryzen APU but that’s 15" and it’s pretty solid for the less demanding games although new and demanding titles will struggle.

Besides, it is unknown how well that laptop works with Linux. I haven’t even had the chance to test it yet since it still did not come.

Safer bet is to just go for a Refurbished Thinkpad that has 2-in-1 capabilities probably. You could probably go for the HP Envy x360 with an Intel CPU.