Looking for a cheap(ish) smartphone

Hi guys,


I'm looking for an outdoors phone for streaming podcasts, tracking GPS data and playing music that is likely to get destroyed at some point. It should have:

- Good GPS

- 4"+ screen (the bigger the better really, since they don't make contact lenses that fully correct my vision)

- Micro-SD card slot or 16 GB of internal storage

- Decent camera

optional: (somewhat) waterproof


Currently I'm looking at the new Lumia 630, since it fulfills the requirements, but having a 520 as my 2nd phone right now (it has knackered screen and speaker that distorts hence the need for new phone), there's one annoying bug in the OS that makes me want to go with Android - I have to reset the phone every 3 months or so because "other storage" slowly eats up all the available space. As far as I know, the only way to get rid of it is to reset to factory defaults.

I can get the Lumia 630 for 150 euros and I'm not keen to spend more on this, so what can I get for 150 euros/200 dollars or less in the Android camp? Also, the reason I bought 520 was because of it's super sensitive touch screen that works even with gloves on. I've found this to be very useful when I'm skiing. It's not requisite but it would be great if there´s an android phone with similar screen.


That's probably your best bet at the moment.  If you wait until Tuesday Motorola is set to announce the Moto E which appears to be an even cheaper device but I don't think it's going to cover your storage needs.

OnePlus One

299 /= 200.


That said, I'd personally throw the extra hundred at the OnePlus One or the Nexus 5.