Looking for a case that meets these reqs

So, my mom has this computer I built for her several years ago that has a Bitfenix Prodigy chassis. She recently moved the computer to an enclosed desk which makes accessing the power switch and USB ports a PITA. She is interested in changing cases and maybe selling the Prodigy.

She wants to keep the price a $50 or less for a case. The case also needs the ports to be at the top-front or top of the chassis. It can be on the front in general.

The space the case is going into measures at a max of: 10" x 19" which would leave just a little around the edges. It would be hard to get your fingers around the sides.

It needs to support a single DVDRW drive. The motherboard form-factor is a Mini-ITX. She also has a H60 AIO water cooler.

Perhaps this Cooler Master case could be the answer, its got a pretty subtle look to it as well
Cooler Master Elite 130

That was one of the cases I was considering. The downside is that the case is so short my mother would have to bend down a bit to access the ports. This would be much easier if she did not need a DVDRW. I could have switched her to a intel NUC.

ahh, I see, I will look around a bit more, I recollect some other cases.
The only option might be to go with a Micro ATX case though

That might not be the best option, I can't really tell if that is a front 120 or not, there is a 120mm fan on the side but might be a bit of a nuisance if you need to service/clean it along with the installation.

Might I suggest you and your Mom visit Newegg or a brick and mortar store like Micro Center and look around.

Case selection is a highly personal fashion decision, especially for women. There is no way for any of us to guess what case you won't shoot down. Don't work for her, work with her. It will be fun to go window shopping with Mom as you whittle down her choices and arrive at a PC she will Love.

It seems like you or your mother are making this harder than it has to be.

Why not just use a USB hub? You can put it up on the top of the desk and have more ports than you'd generally have on the front panel (assuming you get a large enough hub).

There are external DVD-RW drives. If you really want to switch her to a NUC, there's really nothing stopping you. Of course the aforementioned USB hub would be a hell of a lot cheaper and easier.

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Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 shouldn't be much more expensive than that and it's a fantastic case. Comes with 3 fans, easy to clean, high build quality, 2x USB 3.0 ports on top.

I am fine with the type of case. it just needs to fit 10" wide by 19" tall space.

I live in Mississippi. The case design does not matter. The computer is being hidden in a desk enclosure with a door. I use Newegg almost exclusively myself. I just have a difficult time making the choice when there are many good options.

as far as getting a USB hub for her existing chassis, that would work except that all the buttons and ports are on the side of the case and the case is recessed into a mahogany desk with a door hiding it. You have to pull the case out partially just to turn the thing on.

And the NUC costs a good chunk more than swapping a case out does.

I think you should check the prices again. Newegg has that case starting at: $99. And Amazon at: $119.

I would be fine with something like the Corsair 350D if I knew for sure it would fit.

I have considered the CM N200 as well.

CM N200: LxWxH: 17.5 x 7.9 x 14.9 inches
Corsair 350D: LxWxH: 17.7 x 8.3 x 17.3 inches

The key is to get the best bang for the buck. My folks are very frugal so keeping overall cost low is key.

I mean, for example, my folks ran Ubuntu Linux on their laptop for 8 years because the Dell laptop they had came with it and cost less. Even now, my Mom is thinking about moving to it on her Desktop instead of downgrading to Windows 10. She does not like Microsoft's nagging. Even after I disabled it, MS re-enabled it via an update. And I live ~90 miles away from them so I cant just swing by whenever to work on it.

I recommend this Phanteks Enthoo Evlolv itx (i know its $60 and not $50 but it's worth it imo)

we ended up going with the Cooler Master N200.
Thanks for the recommendations guys