Looking for a case that allow views of the GPU

Hello all,

I really like the look of the ASUS Strix line of graphics cards and I am looking for a case that allows the viewing of the card. I came across the Lian-Li PC-O5s from a video Logan posted a few months back (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uabb5Zkc770) and came across the MicroATX version of the case (PC-O6s). When I did my research I realized the expected price of the PC-O6s will be quite expensive.

I dont mind paying for what I want, but I was wondering if there are any other cases that allow a similar display of the graphics card. My google searches seems to be failing.

Thank you all for any help.

Personally I love the Corsair Air 540 and the Air 240 for showing off the components of a PC. They are beautiful, sleek, and simplistic cube cases with massive windows. Plus you have the option of turning either of them on thier side and you have a window on the top of your case instead of the side. The biggest selling point to me is the dual chamber design so you can EASILY hide all those cables and show off those pretty PC parts.

There are however tons of cases with side panel windows, so it really just comes down to you're personal taste in looks. Now if you are looking for a case that will allow you to mount your motherboard upside down so that you can see the "pretty" side of your GPU instead of the ugly PCB or backplate... that is a little more tricky. Those cases exists, but there aren't many of them. I saw one fairly recently reviewed by one of these many Tech channels, but I forget which channel and which case it was :(

I would suggest going to a like Newegg (I like their search options the best) Figure out how much money you want to spend, and narrow down the choices to just cases with a side window (that's an option)

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I appreciate the help. What I really want is for the GPU to be upright in order to show off the slick looking shroud of the Strix. Or if there is a way to make any case have an upright GPU I would love an explanation/demonstration of how its done or a link to some pictures and examples, because ultimately that is my main goal; to have an upright displayable GPU.

The Air 540 is the case I selected for my dream build. :D

Yea, that's the tricky part. Most cases, motherboards, GPU's are all going to force you to install the components the exact same way, which is to say "GPU facing down". There are exceptions though. I'm going to try and find the case I saw a while back and link it here.

I appreciate it. Very much.