Looking for a budget SSD (student)

I have a mid 2011 MacBook Pro that sorely needs to be beefed up a little because the old HDD is seriously bottlenecking. Obviously as a student, I'm looking for price-to-performance with an emphasis on price. (which involves grabbing the unit on sale)

I can probably get away with 120GB even though I'm dual booting OS X and Win 8.1, but > 200GB would be preferable to be honest. Currently, I have a budget of roughly $160,-, although I can go higher if it would be worth it.

I have looked at the Samsung 840 Series and those look really good and fir my requirements, but if you guys have any alternatives, that would be great.

Here you go:


I was pretty much in the same predicament, except I have a cheap-o Acer.

I highly recommend 200+GBs.  It should be quite doable in your budget.  Here's a couple I recommend:





Stay away from Kingston's V300 and other V series of products, as they are incredibly slow.

You just missed the Samsung SSD deal from dealzon today. Had the 840 Evo 256GB for $80. Sadly, it is expired now.


Thanks, I will consider those alternatives you gave me. As a heretical foreigner, I am not able to order from Amazon or Newegg.

installed a samsung 840 evo in my nephew's macbook pro and he was ecstatic! he said it was a brand new computer.

Definitely go Crucial MX100 256GB

it costs $220 at my local shop... i'm not buying one... lol.

Thanks guys, I did some research and I went for the 840 EVO, solid drive overall + I got 20% off from a local online vendor