Looking for a budget, colour accurate, 75hz+ freesync monitor from Amazon UK

Looking to buy one tomorrow. Wondering what’s best to go with. Do some TN panels come decently colour accurate or is IPS the only real option? I’d be happy with 90% of srgb. I’ve been doing a bit of research myself and have found that some monitors’ Freesync implementation only works from like 48-75fps, like Acer’s budget monitors, which is no bueno. How can I learn the range on other monitors prior to purchase? I think I’m between a 24" Philips or iiyama at the moment. Can’t provide links apparently.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Its extremely rare to find super high range freesync monitors.
The first generation freesync panels was all 40 (or 42 or 48) up to 75 (or 60). Yeah, it’s not great, but the price was completely the same as any other monitor, so basically you are getting extra for the same price.
You can check the AMD website where they have a list of freesync monitors with appropriate stats.

The TN panels nowdays are not all that bad, but I would go with IPS. IPS is cheap enough where it’s not worth getting TN anymore. For example the cheapest 1440p monitor I could find was IPS 75Hz and freesync, so I just bought it. And I’m also going to recommend it to you.
Not sure if it’s as color accurate as you want it, but for the price - the image quality is good, the uniformity is good, people who use it massively say it doesn’t have backlight bleed and what not, the size is good, I mean 32" are 32"…
But it’s a cheap monitor, so it have a couple drawbacks. The stand is not great and there is no vesa mount, so you are stuck with that stand… That is not great. At all…
Check out reviews of that. As somebody who owns it, it’s super cool monitor and I’m seriously considering getting a second one later on…
If you really want high refresh rate freesync I don’t think you can have the great color accuracy as well. 144hz panels are usually TN and that is not all that great.
Either sacrifice gaming for colour accuracy or the other way around.

PS: wow, the AMD website is wrong… It’s listing my monitor as VA, and it is IPS…

OK, just Google freesync monitors list and you can find a few websites. But the AMD website is wrong…
Um… hey, AMD, I love you, guys, but fix your shit…


Acer Nitro xv3 ? What’s your price range?

Yup agree.

There are also 144hz ips monitors as well.
But those are generally not that cheap.

But i agree if colors and viewing angle´s are important,
then IPS will be a great choice really.
I personally don´t want anything else then IPS.
Also yeah plenty of decent freesynq ips monitors to find up to 75Hz for good prices.
AOC and LG definitelly have some good offerings.


What does that usually go for? Is not coming up in Amazon UK and what I’m getting suggested instead are several hundred pounds.

I have 3 of these, they are cheap because they have a bad stand and no vesa, their is a model up that resolves the stand issue. I found the one below on amazon.co.uk

That monitor is 58-75Hz freesync. LG have the most awful freesync implementations.


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Did you just post a 900 pound monitor in a thread with the word budget in it?

It fits all requirements and is among the cheapest to do so.

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It is 700 off Amazon, it’s a decent monitor for the money, and I did ask about your price range…
What would you consider “budget” then?

It absolutely is not ‘the cheapest to do so’, I’m looking at a 160 pound monitor that can do all that, then there’s more at 200, 250, 300, 350, 400… etc. Nothing short of 1440p IPS Ultrawide is only doable at 700 lmao.

Not sure how anyone can be confused about what a ‘budget monitor’ is with the L1 YouTube channel constantly reviewing Korean monitors over the years, and Pixios’ these days…

Of course they can…
Budget for you is 200… Budget for Linus from LTT is easily 500. Budget for a rich person is 1000…
That reminds me of Gordon Ramsey making a video on budget lunch meals - Get the saffron… The most expensive spice in the world. For him that’s budget…

Just give us a rough estimated price you are willing to pay.


Also Korean monitors are expensive… I wouldn’t classify them as budget.


Limited budget for a building means 5 million, limited budget for a keyboard is 10€.
I am sitting in front of a cheap monitor (300€), and colors are SHIT tier, eventhough it is IPS and does 75Hz FreeSync.

I gurantee you, for anything below 250€, you are not getting a good monitor (ie color acurate).
What makes this particularly hard, you are looking for a unicorn product.

PCPartpicker with FullHD (or higher), 75Hz, and FreeSync gives a short list.

From that list, possible options in what I consider budget solutions for your requirements:
LG 32QK500-W

It’s not a unicorn product at all, have had a few recommended on other sites. IPS panels are also colour accurate.

And anyone who considers 500 ‘budget’ is hardly going to be asking on a forum for advice on how to maximize features for cost, and that still doesn’t explain the suggestion of a 900 pound monitor, so let us not be intentionally dense here eh.

No, I understand your point about budget, believe me, I have done a lot of research before buying my monitor.
But the features you ask for are rarely present in a budget category.
High freesync range, I assume you want low frame rate compensation or whatever it was called, meaning either 30-75 or 48-144 with high color accuracy - that is a unicorn. 144hz panels are mostly TN, that lack the colors and IPS panels with high freesync range are no budget.
I gave you my recommendation, since this is the one I am using and I can attest to its picture quality.
Honestly if the color accuracy is a huge factor I would stay away from TN panels.


ViewSonic XG2401

I am very pleased with this monitor.

Yeah looks good.

Went with a 75hz 24" AOC with rotation and height adjustability, should be here Christmas Eve. Looking forward to it. IPS too, lol at whoever described IPS colours as ‘shit’.

Might try and overclock it too, we’ll see. It’ll be running with a 3400g for a while so the only benefit would be for older games.

I never said IPS colors are shit.
IPS does not automatically mean good (= accurate) colors though.


Leading a topic with the word budget and then not providing a number could be interpreted as …

Can confirm. You can of course overspend on displays, too. But as long as you stay away from ARR-GEE-BEE, “HDRen’t”, .::1337gamingxXx::. , 420:9 dankwide™ and other bullshit, you pretty much get exactly what you pay for. And spec-sheets won’t tell you everything when it comes to monitors.