Looking for a Big Size Display (Freedom Respecting)

I'm looking to play some games and watch some movies on a large display 50"+. I definitely enjoy new tek like 4k, HDR, Quantum Dot etc, but I cannot tolerate spying implementations which all major brands have.
I don't care about TV at all I don't watch any TV. I don't care about Netflix or TV Apps or whatever BS they are selling either. All I want is a really great display which I can use to play my favourite games on and watch movies.
I do care about certain game-related specs like low input lag, decent refresh rate, HDR, 4K etc.

I was thinking that instead of a display I may need to consider buying a 4k HDR projector. Since these are not too popular they may be accidentally respecting people's privacy (not confirmed in any way, they could be even worse considering how many people use projectors for business presentations etc.).
However I'm not sure if one can play games on a projector since they tend to have a very high input lag.

What would you guys suggest?


Do a search for Korean monitors on this forum and I believe you will find what you are looking for.

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Get a TV and don't connect it to the internet? What's the problem? Been doing this for years.

Or Korean Monitor as stated above (have never used them myself though).

Obviously I wouldn't connect it to the internet, but it is still recording locally probably. Plus if you have Wi Fi at home it will probably connect anyway. It could connect via 3G, bluetooth as well.

Other than that I'm trying to withdraw support for companies that don't respect freedom.

But if you don't use the features of the wifi tv and don't watch tv on it, while its connected to wifi, what info could it give out. It would just say that it is connected to a computer, or something like that.

If you do connect it to wifi and want to be on the safe side ( especially for Samsung TV sets that always have the mic on ), be sure to turn off collection tools and stuff. This is only a part of a list, that has probably grown by now. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/09/if-you-have-a-smart-tv-take-a-closer-look-at-your-privacy-settings.html

Just don't supply a password for the TV to connect to the wifi and you'll be fine.

Yea I think your paranoia might be getting the best of you there. Would be cool to maybe see tear one apart to see if it has a cell connection but i don't think TV manufacturers are gonna pay to put a cell module in and pay the data rates to get your info. They want to get your data over your connection.

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Also if they did I think it would have been found and caused a huge outcry by now.

I mean, I understand OP not wanting to support the companies in the first place, but since basically all TVs have this now the only choice is not connecting it anywhere.

Just watch out for open WiFis in the area, cause then you're pretty much out of luck :stuck_out_tongue: If there are none you can still put it on the internet, behind a proper router/firewall that blocks everything so you can approve connections manually (if you so desire, which as I understand you don't anyway).

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Ahhhh. I did not think of that.

So we are thinking that they will connect to an open wifi without showing they are connected? Interesting if so...

IDK... I just forgot people don't lock their wifi.

Whether it's paranoia or not is irrelevant. In this particular context I would consider paranoia to be a feature rather than a flaw.
If you saw the last few episodes of L1T then you know that what I'm saying is hardly a stretch. There is non-stop R&D aimed at invading people's privacy in the most severe of ways.


Also if they did I think it would have been found and caused a huge outcry by now.

Ever heard of Volkswagen? Or Wendell's famous "Shouldn't we have done that?"

It was not just VW. It was basically the entire VAG.

Which saddens me, because I like the VAG.

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Ever heard that there was a huge outcry about VW? I mean a cell module would have hit someone in the head when tearing it apart... and there are quite a few teardowns of various TVs :slight_smile:

And pretty sure they were not the only ones. At least 'murica cars are honest about polluting I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also sidenote: Gotta give props to the software engineers who managed to do that.

Maybe it's not a cell module. Maybe it's something else.
The question is why would you trust anyone who has intentionally betrayed your trust and privacy many many times. And why would you support their business?
I would never buy a Samsung TV on the off chance that people may have discovered all that is wrong with it.
Just knowing that the company enables various you-know-who organizations to spy on people is enough for me to say no.
I'm not a TV addict, if there's no suitable display on the market I will do something else with my free time. I will not compromise.

I get what you mean, don't get me wrong :wink:

In that case though pretty much your only chance is a normal monitor. Then again who's saying they're not spying on you either? :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding projectors, last time I looked Sony was pretty much the only one who even made some (aside from NEC for Cinema etc.). And they were pretty damn pricey too. Haven't looked for it in a while though.

Just looked at it again, the "cheapest" 4k projector is 3999€ from Acer, and knowing Acer I'd stay the hell away from it or your living room could potentially be literal hell in the near future.

The "cheapest" with HDR is 4499€ from JVC, no idea about their quality.

Either way you could buy a whole lot of monitors for that price.

Yes, there is no absolute privacy. Nor there is real safety or security. We don't know what we don't know.

As for projectors, I'm not necessarily interested in the cheapest models, but in those models that can do the job for me. Unfortunately I think all projectors have a very high input lag and may not be suitable for gaming.

As for monitors I don't like multiple monitor setups because the bezels ruin my immersion. Even if you could remove the bezels there is still noticeable separation between monitors which is annoying. I may opt for a regular 32" 4K HDR monitor eventually.

Well, the problem is not if the projectors can perform as requested, but that those are actually the starting costs (unless you do have that kind of money, in which case I can provide you with my bank information ... :slight_smile: ).

With the "whole lot of monitors" I didn't mean building a monitor wall, just putting a perspective on it vs. the projectors :slight_smile: .

Then again you "could" tear down the monitors and just stick the panels together without the casing.... mmmmhhhh..... Idk, maybe @wendell has got his fingers on an HDR korrean panel already, I haven't followed the monitor reviews so much (I don't think they are available here anyway).

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