Looking for a alternative to task manager

So will play lots of games and occasionally will get the odd crash like with skyrim but i find with task manager will not allow me to close it down (often the mouse pointer would not appear or react) has anyone got a alternative i could use ? 



I had promlems like too, but killing a task like that is the best way for windows to kill a program - it is not a lixun afterall... Basically, if the program is stuck in some kind of "driver not responding" loop and waiting forever to get a response. Alternative task manager won't help you.

 If you really want to try a different task manager, try Process Explorer.

if i understand correctly your problem isn't that taskmanager isn't working, it's that the program stopped responding and has basically taken over the entire screen, therefor your mouse won't work, you just need to use the keyboard to navigate/use short-cuts

yeah its like the program still has priority may give that a try and see if it that helps cheers