Looking for a 5.0+ghz capable 1155 i7 or i5

         I have an i7 2600k rig with 2 gtx 580's, and im looking to buy another i7 2600k or an i5 2500k, I plan on building another rig for video editing, and bluray movies and storage. my gaming rig is overclocked to 4.5 and that's all she'll do. I really want a 5.0+ghz OC just to say i did it. so i plan on getting a new cpu for the gaming rig and putting the current cpu in the editing rig.

         Here's the problem, I want to buy a cpu that's guarenteed a 5.0+ghz OC but don;t want to go the ebay route because I've heard bad things and don't want  to pay the price premium :) so if anyone has one they'd like to sell i'd be happy to buy it if the price is right :)

Lol, your rig sounds similar to mine. I've got a 2600K overclocked to 4.6Ghz right now. I can do up to 4.8Ghz, which will do benchmarks find but it's not completely stable. What motherboard are you using? Because I'm using the MSI Z68A-GD80 (G3), and I think I can't overclock higher because of the motherboard. I'm not sure though.

the gigabyte p67a-ud5(b3) i can go 4.8 like you, but if i run prime 95, it crashes in minutes. it may be the bios version, idk. im pushing a lot of volts to get there too. 1.45, and upping the volts has no effect on it. :( sad face.

Yeah, I'm having the same problem. When I up it to 4.8Ghz, I can run Prime 95 over night and the system will still be running and fine, but one or two of the workers stop. I have to pump 1.44V in order to get that result too, and temps get pretty high even with the Corsair H100 in push/pull. My max temps at those settings get around 82C, but it probably averages somewhere between 75 and 78. I'm running the voltage at 1.392V now at 4.6Ghz, and the temperatures have gone down a little bit.

Maybe my motherboard isn't the problem afterall, although it still really doesn't like it when I throw the multiplier above 47, and I know for a fact that's a fault of the motherboard.

               I looked up some info on the motherboard i am using, to see if anyone had similar problems and to see what kind of overclocks people were getting, and didn't turn up that much on it. There was a youtube video up and the guy said there was a bug in the stock bios that wouldn't let you go past a 45 multiplier, but i updated the bios long before watching the video and still had no luck getting a stable 4.5 however my cpu can hit 4.2 without any voltage changes. Which made me think that it would be a beast overclocker, but i was mistaken i guess. it's like my technical prowess and know how is tarnished now lol. it's a matter of pride and at the same time a matter of passion. i love hardware and performance, but this has given me a huge headache lol.


Lol, yeah I know what you mean.

any suggestions for finding a cpu tho?


Maybe ebay.

trying to avoid going down that route. but if it comes to it, i just may.

You could always just buy an i7 2700K. They're binned higher, which means they should overclock better. It's still not a 100% guarantee though.

are you sure they're binned higher? i've heard mixed opinions about the binning of those chips. but if i find one on the cheap, I just might go that route......................hmmmmmmm......decisions.... :)

mine goes to 5.0 :) i can post screens, what would a decent price for something like this be>? mine will do 4.4 at 1.224v 

i cant remember the voltage at 5ghz.


but if your still intrested let me know :)  

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