Looking for a 4U rack mountable PC case

Hello all. Just finished setting up my ZFS nas server it's ALIVE muhahaha. Anyway now i am on the lookout for a good air flow rack monted PC case. I will basicaly transfere everything from my main rig.

The case components:

CPU: I5 760 2.8GHz @ 4.1Ghz
Mobo: ASUS p7p55d deluxe
RAM: 16GB of ddr3 ram
GPU: KFA2 GTX 980ti HOF @ 1500mhz
Storage: none... or just one SSD
PSU: CM V700

I know the CPU belongs to a freging museum... i am holding of for Kaby Lake because of thunderbold 3. But for now i will have to live with it.

Keep in mind that i don't need any drive bays. The front should be populated with fans.
Other than that thank you for posting.

When you say you don't need drive bays, do you mean front access/hot swap bays? Because if you're not going to be putting drives in your case why do you need a 4U?

I was just about to ask the same thing when I saw this

derp. that's what i get for reading but not reading

Though, if it's just one card, i'm sure you could still get by with a 2U w/ riser card, or a 3U.

EDIT: Also, do you have noise requirements? There are some really high airflow fans but they're jet engine loud.

I think the HOF cards are extra tall.

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a quick google showed me that.. @_@ jesus, they're huge.

I don't need any drive bays what so ever. The gpu is a problem i will check the total amount of depth. It can be a jet engine i will have everything in the basement

Dimensions(with Bracket): 315*144.1*51 mm
Dimensions(without Bracket): 298*129*51 mm

From the official site.

Outside of some enterprise equipment I don't know if you can get a 4u case with zero drive bays. Following is a link to a rosewill case that has 3 external bays that are optional(and I am sure a quick mod can make those bays into a fan mount though)

Rosewill case


Just searching Newegg i'm not really finding any with zero drive bays, though many look like they're removable.

(I hope that link works, if not, i filtered by Rackmount and 4U)


Well those are nice cases and i can mod if it's necessary. Thanks will look some more around now.

Found something:
-xcase 4000 Big Open 4u


You should try looking on Kijiji/Craiglist/Ebay. You may be able to find used rackmounts for much cheaper, compared to brand new.

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I'm using 2 of these....


Even though it has drive bays or provisions to mount drives if you don't populate the area it is air intake.....prolly as close as your going to get to what your looking for.

And it will accept a full size ATX MB, standard PSU.....and it's cheap! lol

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Sorry guys i was away life happened. I bought the x-case 4000. It actually arrived already. I guess i can make a mini review.
- X-Case is already a good pick because they are in UK so the shipment is not through the roof for us EU guys.
- The build quality is solid almost no flex and there is no plastic. Everything is out of metal.
- Like they advertised no HDD bays it's a clear bow through the whole case with fresh air. But there is a bracket installed where you can put up to 6 SSD.
- Speaking of air there is only one 120mm Fan. Additional 1x120 mm on the front and 2x60 mm mounting options on the rear
- A standard ATX Motherboard will fit in with no problems
- The GPU witch is a freaking giant Galax/KFA2 GTX 980 ti HOF fits too. A flat 6,8 pin power cable is required thou

I will report on the thermals when i get noctua fans only then i will know if it's generating enough pressure to pull heat out of the case fast enough.

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