Looking for a 1660 80 81 86 or 91 xeon v3

Hi there everyone I’m hoping someone on here can help Im looking for a xeon 1660v3 ideally to replace my 5960x and I am wondering if anyone on her as any of the 10 12 or 14 core versions that do exist but where such low volume and sold in servers but I wonder if anyone in here would happy to have one of those chips really the 1686v3 is most of Interest for me as it’s 12 core 24 thread unlocked and seems like it should be not to bad to cool unlike the 14 core but any information on tracking these sort of related chips would be amazing been trying to find one for a while but a good 1660v3 sample that can clock pretty good and the 1680 to reach my 5960x would be welcomed or if anyone has a 5960x with a good memory controller that does 5ghz all core I’d be interested

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There is a bug you can exploit that will let you overclock on models you can’t overclock so a 26xx chip that was sold at higher volume, but I would investigate whether or not you can do it or not, I think its exclusive to x99

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i have a question,Is there X99 motherboard function " Above 4G Decoding” ?

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I could only find turbo lock hack for 26 xeons and for my spare system I’ve found a 2678 bidding very low that I’m going to pick up and see if rpcs3 emulation likes more cores or high clocks but if you know a way to clock the 26 xeons I’m all ears

What’s the board mate running x99 and I’ve had 4 x99 boards msi sli board asrock extreme 6 and Asus deluxe 2 and the Asus ws ipmi all had above 4g decoding

So which is better high clocks or more cores as I have a 5960x clock to 4651 same on cache and still cpu bound in tlou

ok,Thanks,i want to upgrade my X79 to X99 , I want to buy a ASUS WS X99

X99 pretty good platform if you’re only gaming you get 1650v3s for 40 quid to 60quid same 5930k 6/12 chips and unlocked but if to u want to use ddr4 rdimms the Intel i7s for x99 run the ecc and support it if the board does just running quad channel ecc is stuck to either 1866 or 2133 but quad channel non ecc is fully unlocked on the 1650 1660 and 1680v3 chips

which one x99 motherboard do you recommend ?

I kean the asrock extreme 6 was a fine board never had any issues but really just depends what you’re going to be doing like are you just gaming will you be overclocking the chip and the ram to the max or just boosting the clocks to a decent amount tell me what you want the system to do and I’ll give you a recommendation but keep in mind x99 boards decent ones are around 180 pounds and up

But if you where to sell you’re Asus r4be it’ll probably cover the cost of the board and you said you have a 1680v2 it a good example like will it do 5ghz

i want to overclocking and can be normal running Tesla ,i bought a Tower 900 Case for ASUS R4BE ,The 1680 V2 not to do 5G ,it only do 4.8G, i want to use Tesla ,the best is Pascal or Maxwell ,because it can be support DX12 ,if X79 Can not support Tesla , i think i can consider buy a X99 , But there no new now for X99 , i think i can consider buy a used 。

I’m sorry did I wake up drunk.

This thread baffles me.

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What’s baffling about it

If it’s overclock with decent feature the gigabyte soc champion with 4 dimm slots is a strong board and I’ve never had any issues with the Asus x99 boards but the memory training is a bit of a pain if you don’t turn enhanced traning and set the other training setting but the vrms are good and most of the Asus board do 3200mhz ram unless you’re chip won’t but if you’re going g 5960x max oc get with with two 8 pins of atleast a 8 plus 4 as these will pull 300 watts when you push them

Seriously though if it’s not the turbo lock I’m interested in hearing more man

How in the hell does a 5950x not have enough boof for rcps3

Why would you not buy a ps3

Or mod a G5 to get better performance than that

You didn’t read it at all a 5960x

As for not buying a ps3 lower res low fps stuttering and I want to play tlou but want a good experience so want to try a couple chips and double read before commenting mate