Looking for a $1000-$1200 Gaming Rig Build

As the title says, I'm looking to build a gaming pc for around $1000. I can go up to $1200 if the upgrade would warrant it.

My goal for this rig is to be able to play games such as DayZ, Arma III, and Civ5 on at least mid settings with no lag.

I will need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and OS for peripherals.

This will be my first ever build, so any tips or advice you can offer me would be appreciated. I did post here before but life got in the way and what I want has since changed. I got some great links last time I posted.

Thanks in advance guys!


You didn't mention if you wanted to overclock or not.  This is a non-overclocking build for about 1K(not counting taxes & shipping) that should perform nicely in the games specified, as well as pretty much any game out there today.  Medium-maximum settings should be easily reachable.

Sorry I forgot to mention overclocking in the OP. I am not very familiar with overclocking, but from what I have read on it I would like to overclock if possible. Thank you for the previous parts list.


Modified Some Tech Noobs build a bit. Added overclocking ready parts ( I personally own that motherboard + i5-4670k and i'm running 4.2 GHz @ 1.25V stable) and an SSD, wich i recommend getting with the given budget :)