Looking for a 10+ 3.5" drives desktop not tower case

looking for a 10+ drive bay (3.5") sorta like the silverstone grandia. Not into PC tower cases like everyone. Has to fit least leat minimum of 8 drives and maybe i can hide or put two on the ground or side mounts somewhere else.

You could get like 2 of the HAF stacker ITX cases.

The rear mounted PSU model supports 6 hard drives on it's own and another on top would give you a minimum of another 9.

Or this silver stone one holds 8 drives

And you could probably just get some 5 1/4 bay adapters to fit 2 more

So you want a HTPC case which holds 10 hard drives? Or you just want a horizontal case? The Fractal Node 804 I think holds 8 disks and you could probably jam some more in if you tried. Other wise maybe something like this if you just want something you can put a lot of disks in. http://www.rosewill.com/products/2312/ProductDetail_Overview.htm