Looking for 4GB of DDR3 1.5V (cheapish) Ram


I'm looking for 1 stick of 4GB DDR3 1.5V  ram for my new PC. I accidentally bought a stick of RAM that was not compatible with my motherboard. I will accept any offers as long as they are under €50 including shipping.

Also I am willing to trade the RAM I did buy for it.


What RAM did you buy?

Was it not capable with your motherboard or did you have another stick in there before makiing it 8GB total? Ram is picky and often doesn't work well across different sticks. If you want to make a larger pool of ram I would highly recommend buying a new set of ram all together.

What is your current configuration with said new PC?

But if it's a single stick you're looking for, for a replacement, I'd look at corsair, Gskill, mushkin, patriot, kingston, and adata for good quality companies. What ever is cheapest in your area that matches your needs

Why are you refering to 1.5Ghz? Do you mean 1600mhz?

Thanks for the heads up, I changed it, I meant 1.5V



It wasn't compatible with my motherboard. It was 1.35V while I needed 1.5V. It was a silly mistake to make but it was my first build lol.


you should be fine with what you have

Why not just OC the 1.35 volt ram until 1.5 volts is required for stability?

too many hoops to jump through and not worth the hassle.

Let me re-phrase. Not all pieces of silicon are the same. There is no telling if overclocking it or downclocking it will actually be stable. It's not worth the hassle. more Hz = more voltage. But it doesn't always work like that.

Plus we don't even know the platform he's on. OC'ing may not be indeed easy.

No, that's like saying: do you like tea? Well then you like dying of caffeine overdoses; you've blown it way out of proportion.

It's easy enough to get a stable OC on ram