Looking For 3 More (Borderlands 2)

Hey everyone I am looking for 3 dedicated people to play Borderlands 2 with. I want to write a review for Teksyndicate on this game and to do the game justice I thought I would play it both as a single player and as well as 4 player Co-Op. The problem is I need 3 people that will finish the game through with me from start to finish.

P.S. I do have friends they just play too on and off to complete a review on time.






I'll play with you.

I'll play if I can live stream it?

Sure don't see why not! Note this is still going to be a lol filled play through I just want to make sure I play all aspects of the game for the review


That's fine. Actually, some of the staff and I were talking about doing roundtable discussions for new games if you guys would be interested in doing that. Even just posting gameplay would be pretty cool.

With me there might be a bit of a problem beacuse the game doesn't come out till the friday that week, I might be able to get it on the thursday fi Im lucky and order off the internet.

I should be able to start a gameplay Tek Syndicate if I do it from the start of the entire playthrough.

What does the community think, my computer should be able to handle recording and playing just need to hook up my second hard drive to store the video.

Would you guys be more interested in seeing my single player play through or the 4 player group one?

I can record as well if you want to mix some perspectives together.

I would like to, but the connection from EU to US is crap :(

Even BL1 couldn't maintain stable connection with UK server from where I live.

I'll play; I'm in Canada, so my ping should be decent.

I'd love to, get at me on steam in the weekends (thomasy93). some 4 player "gameplay" with voip gaming would be awesome

i have to evaluate if the connection is playable tho.

Hey everyone bringing this thread back to the top becuase tomorrow is launch day is tomorrow.

I need everyone who is interested message me sometime tomorrow I need to get 3 dedicated players to get this going.

What time, exactly? I have school from 1-3PM (-7 GMT (-6 with Daylight savings)). Assuming it's after 3-4ish I can participate. I'll have to install it first, unless it pops up on steam in the next two hours.

Edit: It did, so I'm installing it now.

It most likely will not start tonight I will be starting around 6-7PM EST tomorrow.

Message me on steam around that time tomorrow (Name:Hopkiller)