Looking at writing a little security guide (W10)

Hello All,
I am looking at writing a little security guide for users on the forum ranging from simple tricks to advanced changes in policies and settings to help users become more secure, and I am looking for any advice and thoughts on what to add.
Please note this is not aimed at privacy, while Windows 10 does talk a lot, google does it more and LTSB can be made to shut up a lot, its purely at security.
So first I think I will explain what technologies may be, give a TL;DR version first then a more in depth version, for example secure boot, bitlocker etc.
Following on from that, begin to explain what the change maybe to the system by categorising by difficulty and Windows version, a brief description of how to get version info will be laid out first.
I might also include things like 2FA, VPNs and other stuff.

What are your thoughts? looking to keep it simple first and expand it slowly to make sure the information is correct and factual with sources (video, publications, whitepapers) and of good quality (in terms of writing and understanding of that level).


Sounds like a good idea.

There’s no one fits all solution so it would be good to cover pros and cons (windows s for example), pros and cons of windows app store apps over win32 apps.

Windows defender has changed a lot since the old version and includes a lot of new things like ransomeware protection.

Windows hello

Security baselines that Microsoft provide.


Yeah was thinking of that although didn’t think of UWP vs Win32, don’t use the store.
Was thinking also how IPSec can help without using encryption.
Also why not to use RDP instead users should be using something like Project Honolulu.

Ill draft some topics later


UWP and other Windows store apps provide more security and better fine grained permissions than the standard applicaions can.

Sounds like a not bad idea. If it’s in the wiki section it can be expanded any time.

Also inb4 a million posts incoming of how windows can never be secure and you should just switch to Linux :roll_eyes:

why bother, for when the next major win 10 update comes down its just gonna reset all your setting back to microsofts defaults.

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updates should not overwrite group policy updates which is where most of the changes take effect.

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I know this has been going around a lot, but never happened to me. And I have windows update every 2 weeks or so.

Include encryption of your OS drive with Bitlocker? Anything is better then unencrypted drives…