Looking at the L1T DP 1.4 3x2 KVM, wanting to make sure it works

Before purchasing this beast I wanted to make sure what I need it to do can happen, or if I’m overkilling it here. I’m looking at the 10gb 1.4 3x2 KVM from Level1Techs.

I have a desktop primarily used for gaming with a 3080 (2xHDMI/2XDP) and a couple USB-C gen 2 (1 of them is a 2x2 Gen 2). My other device would be a Lenovo T15 Gen 1 with USB-C Gen 2 and gen 1. I also have an XPS 15 9500 that would interchange with the T15 but not needed at the same time.

My monitors are a 1440p @ 144 hz (has 1 DP 1.2, 1 HDMI 1.4, g-sync), a 1440p @ 75hz (has 1 DP 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and a 4k @ 60hz (DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0, freesync).

I’m hoping to get a 2 computer KVM that doesn’t hinder my 144hz G-sync display, has enough power for the 3 monitors and refresh rates and won’t crap out on me. The Lenovo is my work laptop and doesn’t need to worry too much about performance. I’m wondering even if I should get the 2 x 2 KVM and leave my 4k permanently attached to the desktop as I don’t think I need the 3rd that badly on the work laptop.

Should I be good with the 3x2 (or 2x2) 1.4 10gb KVM? Thanks for any and all help.

Edit: just wanted to add, I purchased the 2x2 DP1.4 10gb KVM and it’s been amazing. If anyone else is searching for this KVM, it’s worth the money.

I have almost the same set-up (without the 4k addition) that you are describing and I purchased one and had some issues with a 1440p @144hz DP dual monitor set-up.

Flipping to the Lenovo was no problem at all, smooth as butter.

However, flipping to the Desktop, the monitors will flash, on and off, a few times, and then it will work. Doesn’t seem to be any fix for this either, it is just something that happens to some people, it is annoying if you wanted to flip quickly to do something, as you have to wait for it to settle down, but if it is a once per day deal, then it is only mildly irritating.

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Thanks for the insight! I wonder what would cause that kind of issue. If it only happens once in awhile I could overlook that.

How did you have the Lenovo setup? A DP > HDMI cable or DP > USB-C cable?

I have a dock for the Lenovo - so DP to DP - and it is not occasionally, it is every time you switch to the desktop.

What I mean is, that if you only move between Desktop / Laptop - once a day - at the end of the work day - then it isn’t a big deal, but the flickering on and off happens every single time you switch.

I have it set up so that the 3rd monitor I have is hooked up directly to the Desktop (no I have tested whether this is the cause, it is not) - so that if I need to do something on the desktop - I can do so using Logitech USB switching mouse/keyboard - this way, it is now a once a day deal for me - so at the end of the day, I switch and go get a drink while it does its little dance.

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Awesome thanks again for the quick response!

That doesn’t sound ideal. I’ve been reading a lot about varying qualities in cables, length of cables etc. being issues. I might just bite the bullet and troubleshoot later if needed and hope for the best.

Does your T15 suffer any refresh rate issues while using the KVM? I was having a hard time getting 60hz on the damn thing, thunderbolt dock or no, everything kept getting stuck in 30hz until I switched to a DP > USB-C straight from the monitor to the laptop. Could have been a cabling issue as well, I had some old cables and bought some cheap ones. I know a lot more now about these finicky things… hopefully it won’t be an issue.

I bought the recommended cables alongside the KVM and I get 60hz on my 1440p monitors (well 59.940) and I can’t drive them higher than 60hz - but I feel that is likely down to the Intel Graphics on the laptop rather than the KVM or cables.

Ok thanks, that’s not a deal breaker, the laptops have limitations to them so that was to be expected. My main thing is just getting my main workspace up and running with my work laptop as well as personal and reclaiming some office space (for more self hosted unnecessary things).


I ended up buying the KVM along with 6 Club3d 1.3m DP1.4 cables. It works wonders. No issues switching back and forth. I tested my Lenovo T15 (Gen 3) and it supports the [email protected] and [email protected] hz, using the Dell USB-C Dock Gen 2. However when I switched out the laptop for a Gen 1 T15 to test, it craps out at 24hz permanently on the 1440p (4k is still at 60).

I’m not worried about it anymore as I got rid of the Gen 1 for the Gen 3, but just interesting. Either way I’m happy with my purchase.