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Looking at Remote Work Opportunities, help?


Hi all -

Not sure if you’ve seen my last post, but I’ve moved to a new home and during that time done some globetrotting and a bit more of that planned for later this year. As such I’ve taken some time of out work and am looking to ‘ease’ back into it.

The ‘Senior developer’ landscape has changed vastly since 2010 (which I got into it professionally at least); about 95% of the job postings for ‘manual online labor’ tend to ask for US based workers, or right to work in the US. Gigs in the UK are being similarly difficult.

The hiring processes have also gotten far more hairy, with many many stages of hand-holding to pair-programming to asking extremely esoteric questions that rarely have much everyday use (and when they are indeed needed, 99% refer to Google or Stackoverflow right?).

Here’s my current ‘resume’

If you have any thoughts/ideas and/or any leads, that would be even more helpful.



Bug programs?



Bug bounty stuff? aye, I may end up looking at something in that direction.

These days I’m playing with the homelab and still enjoy that type of work. I do also like working with AWS etc and have been designing some APIs in Golang lately.



I’m looking at that currently actually. Not that bad if you can jump on a new project.

Rent out machine time!

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