Looking at New Speakers

I have mainly been looking at the KRK Rokit 6 g3's. What do you all think of those? Is there anything better for the same price, or less?

Its hard to talk about things like this, because everyone hears things differently, and has different tastes.  What seems better to one person, may sound audacious to another.  Personally, I believe in good headphones, and if you want speakers, I use an A/V amplifier, and full size home audio speakers to get the sound I personally like.  The only thing you can really do to compare speakers is to listen to the ones you are considering, think about how they would sound in the setup you personally have that is like noone elses (source, acoustics, listening levels, personal taste, etc.), and make up your mind for yourself. 

It depends on many things...

  1. what type of music
  2. what type of sound do you prefer( Bass heavy or mid or treble heavy or extremely accurate)
  3. how big of an area are you trying to fill
  4. ect

The KRK Rokit 6 g3's are near field studio monitors that are very accurate and uncolored (you color with EQ to taste) when used in a smaller room ... but may not have enough kick in the lows if you like bass heavy music.

If you are an audiophile that is just looking for great sound and not interested in studio recording and such . These are pretty awesome sounding for about the same price ... Bowers & Wilkins MM-1


 These also have a high end DAC built into them and have a headphone port.

I do recommend listening to any speaks before purchasing ... As everyone hears differently.

They would be used in a small room, and the majority of the music being played will be metal. The sound I'm looking for is just really well balanced. Good clear highs and mids, while still maintaining good bass.

If you are getting speakers go all out and get floor standing speaker's. They have better extension and better imaging.