Looking at buying a bitcoin miner

So any thoughts on a bit coin miner as GPU mining is almost worthless now? ive see some USB ones like the Asicminer usb block erupter but does their out put even justify the cost?

Use a bitcoin calculator to see if its worth it for you 


Could be a long wait for an ASIC. People have waited several months to get their orders. In that time; Bitcoin could be shut down, increase in difficulty, won't be profitable.

I have several friends with USB ASIC miners. They are around 350 m/hash but they only pull 3.5 watts so you can leave them on all day and night. Buy one off of ebay or a similar site to avoid waiting times.

iv seen ones advertised in the uk that can apparently pull 2.2 to 2.5 GH each.

like this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NanoFury-v0-6-2-3-GH-s-USB-Bitcoin-Miner-ASIC-Bitfury-Bluefury-match-/161146596782?_trksid=p2054897.l4276. is it true? if so could you buy a bunch of them and use them as one unit? also can they be used for litecoin and or feathercoin? would love to know. sorry for jacking the thread but i think this is relevant

Couldn't be used for litecoin because it uses a different algorithm, not sure about feathcoin though, and I think 2gh/s is a lie on a usb :p

it does seem a bit too good but i was wondering if anyone would be able to confirm this or point to somewhere like a bitcoin forum to look in to it.

As this calculator shows, it isn't worth buying new Bitcoin mining hardware if you are just getting into the game. Better to buy the coins from some place like Coinbase. If you really have a hankering to get into mining, just build a Litecoin GPU miner using one of the guides at www.coinminingrigs.com. Just as an example, a 4 GPU mining rig will currently net you around 50 Litecoins a month. If the value of a Litecoin hits say $20 in the next six to eight months (not unreasonable), you'd be netting roughly $1,000/mo of value. Not bad for a $1,500 machine.