Looking at ASUS PG278Q should I wait for a good 4k monitor? Also would this require sli 980?

Currently have a 1080p 144hz monitor, looking to upgrade to ASUS PG278Q? Any thoughts on this monitor? Should I wait for a decent 4k monitor? Also I have a 980 would I need another to get a good frame rate on ASUS PG278Q? I know with 4k I would prolly need another one.

Cant decide if I should sell my 980 and get the new Titan..

Thanks for all input!


Consider waiting to see how this Acer 1440p 144Hz IPS G-Sync panel performs, perhaps?


I also think that you should use your GTX 980, and if performance is not desirable then sell it and pick up a Titan.

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I'v tried gaming on 4K with 1xGTX980 as well as a 2xSLI with a bit of playing around in the settings you can play allot of games with 1 card (hits a wall with some AAA titles from late 2013 onward though), with 2 cards I was able to get good enough frames to play with high-medium > High settings up to some very new games. After using a ASUS PG278Q for a 8 months though with 1 and 2 cards i would say go the 1440p over 4K easy. The G-sync helps when you are pushing your GPU hard in a single card set up. I may also be posting here later this year on if it is possible to run 3 ASUS PG278Q in surround on 3xSLI 980 (NOTE 2 of the monitors and 1 of the GPUs don't belong to me I'm borrowing them for science.) Also my interest is high on the Acer IPS the ASUS PG278Q is a little lacking in color range(good for a TN but its no IPS).

Linus's review of it is up on vessel.. (if you're into that sort of thing)
Either or are great choices but I'll give it to the acer because IPS

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Yeah that IPS/AH/VA panel should be much better than the ROG Swift's TN. I've been hearing about backlight bleed and sub-par blacks on the ROG swift as well, so I'm hesitant to recommend it.

The light bleed on mine isn't too bad and static blacks are good but compared to my Girl Friends LG IPS it looks like a chalk drawing (hers is a pro grade art monitor) everything is bright and washed out. 1440p & 144hz I'm addicted, but if i can have that + IPS = TAKE MY MONEY

Thanks for the comments. I did see the asus PG27AQ which is the 27" 4k IPS. I guess I will wait and see how that looks, if nothing else maybe it will drop the price of their 1440p down a little.