Lollipop has descended

So I literally just got my Lollipop update. Its nice. 


So yea.

im still on the developer preview. I have to put my phone back on kitkat in order to update to the official 5.0 release...sounds like too much work at the moment.

I hope Fire OS 5 comes out soon...

I am liking it so far except for the way Chrome handle's tabs I have lost some private tabs in the clutter.

I just got it on my shield tablet 

I just updated to it. Is there anything else i can flash a dark theme without using Xposed Framework? Since they forsee themselves don't support it within a few months

I like to keep my app drawer nice and clean but often have a few tabs open in the background when I'm researching things so that's one feature I'm glad you can turn off!

you could just flash the new images from google if you have a nexus device....

Any more news on when we get it for the HTC One M8? I know they said within 90 days but that's 90 days!

I will at some point. I am still playing around with some things from Github that aren't supported on the consumer Lollipop yet.

Does Lollipop feel clunky and slightly confusing to use for anyone else? Running on a nexus 4.

Everything just feels so awkward :(

I quite liked KitKat

Well it looks OK.  Some stuff threw me off like the new priority notifications and the lack of silent mode.  I like it for the most part.

I don't really know how to describe it, its like they overcomplicated everything by trying to make it simpler


the way things are labeled in Settings is really confusing. Seemingly random things are condensed into vaguely related categories, it just feels off

I used to have my lock screen such that I could just swipe the code and it would unlock, now it's 2 steps? I'm not going to bother having an unlock code anymore if I have to input two separate gestures. that's not convenient.

my eyes have been trained for years and years now to look in certain parts of the OS for certain cues and buttons and now they've moved around and it feels like I'm in an alternate universe rather than an improved universe

ANyone know when lolipop for droid phones is set to release?

Completely honest, Seriously?

Just installed lolipop 5.0.1 on my Razr Maxx (that stopped getting offical support as of android 4.1.2) and it runs beautifully. I dabbled around with kitkat roms and they all were pretty glitchy but more importantly ran fairly bad on my device. lolipop on the other hand runs ALOT better.

I just flashed a CM12 rom to my Oneplus One. I think that overall Lollipop is pretty nice, but I don't know if it makes a huge difference at least to me.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini...  I'll be getting Lollipop within the next 6-12 months.  (solitary tear drips down face)

12? I don't even see that in the nightlies. I'm getting an OPO too and can't wait. (It's been stuck in shipping these days for some reason).


And yea, Lollipop just descended to my Nex7 a week ago. Have yet to update. Though I very much need it.

I don't know if you know now, but the Chrome app has a option in the setting to not display tabs in the recent apps menu. Go to settings, then merge tabs and apps option.