Lol who does that?


Oh wait, we do


i wish i could learn to be good at cs, but all my friends were always like "lol too bad noob" because they didnt want any competition. but now that game has such a rediculously high learning curve that its almost impossible to get good at it.

^ Start on Gun Games or deathmatch type of games, most average/noobs play on there. Get the basics over there and when you feel ready move on to the pubs, where you'll get owned...but not as bad as if you started directly on them :P

ive played the game on and off from before 1.6 was released, i know how it works and all, i just never got to master the whole "stay alive" part. every time i turn a corner i get headshotted by a guy with a shotgun on the other side of the map.

Do you guys have a pub? I'd like to see how well I'd do against you guys.

lol ur playing against keanepok who fucking blows

i wouldnt be too proud of that



KeanePoK Does suck, but I think their team is 2-0 right now in CEVO-M?

I'm not sure, We only search for cevo-m+ / cal-m+ team only scrims.

Who is Kyon...

One of my friends that I told him to start watching haruhi.

Lol "start on gun game servers and pub"

yea have fun doing that if you wanna be cal-o for the rest of your life
you'll never get good playing shitties rofl

Tehe, if you never ever played CS:S and start right off on normal games, good luck learning it. Starting on gun games is a good way to get the basics and learn pretty much how all the guns works.

Ther is no possible way to get skills from deathmatch or gungame.. tho its fun.
Playing poolparty is the real shit : D

Stick to TWL. Don't worry I have faith in you.