LoL/Dota type games... I don't get it

I've tried playing these games and I don't really understand all the hype these games are getting. I probably have a total of like 5-10 hours and the conclusion I've taken from these games are that: If you win, it's very fun. If you lose, it ruins your day and makes you feel like crap. I can't imagine playing a game like this regularly.

Any LoL/Dota/Smite/etc... players that can give me their opinion on this?

Side note: I don't really see the point in playing LoL instead of Dota(etc) because: (pick one) a) you spend lots of money on RP to buy champions b) you don't have a job and spend your life on getting IP c) you are stuck with random champions you probably don't like.... So either have infinite money or have a good chance of playing with a champion you'd rather not play with. Why not just play a game where you have all champions/heroes?

You don't need a lot of champions. If you play two roles, which most of players do, you'll have all champions you want soon enough. After that you'll be discovering new champions you want to buy rarely enough to always have IP to buy them.

I don't get people who complain about having to unlock champions. It's not that you already know how many of them you actually need. I personally have 19 champions having spend around 50k IP on them and my two rune pages, and there's only 3 or 4 more that I'm interested in owning.

Why not just play a game where you have all champions/heroes?

Because I like all of other aspects of the game with locked champions more?

That wasn't the main focus of my post, although you have some good arguments that I can kind of agree with although, if you're as new as I am you can't really know for sure which champion(s) you like. First, I was trying Vayne and I loved him. Won every single game with him and all of a sudden, he just didn't work or something, I was doing terrible. I then tried Blitzcrank on the new rotation, I was doing amazing with him against bots for the most part, then on my first PvP game I did very good as well, but on my 2nd PvP game, I got absolutely stomped, and someone began to explain me how Blitzcrank is supposed to be support and that I should get Ability Power instead of damage and other stuff, even though I was using him very aggressively before and it was working.

So basically, if you're new, you can't really know for sure which champion you enjoy.

I play Dota regularly and what I really enjoy about it is the competitiveness. If I lose, I get a little mad or I have respect for the other team because they are better than me. If I win, I have respect for the other team if they tried and I fell good about my skill. Also, if you don't want to pay for heroes just play Dota, 100+ heroes on start. I have 200+ hrs in Dota and I still haven't played a couple of the heroes more than a few times. It also really fun if you get one or two people in a party then go pub stomping. It's definitely not everyones cup of tea, but there is a lot of fun to be had.

I main support and enjoy playing mid, when you start playing it play with friends and be in a skype call or TS chat with them, it makes it x10000000000 times better, and when you start getting better, understanding what to buy, when to buy it and why and what to do and when youll enjoy it more, LoL isnt as beginner friendly as other games :p Its hugely satisfying when youre playing with a team of friends and you screw the other team up in a massive team fight gank on mid ;)

League of legends is surprisingly balanced and if the skill level is somewhat equal it's very fun. What makes the game shite is the players . I havent gone a single game without someone saying something about hitler doing nothing wrong or going full-on pants-on-head retarded over a silly mistake.

Other than that the game is fun if you dont get mad . And you shouldnt. You should focus into correcting your mistakes instead. Which is what makes these games fun in the first place. 

Everyone seems to judge LoL's community as being the worst although I'm level 6-7 and I haven't seen ANYONE be mean in any way to me or anyone else, everyone is just as friendly as in other games, or even friendlier (from what i've seen so far)

The thing that I dislike about it is that I have no fun whatsoever if I lose, not necessarily get mad(sometimes though) but simply not fun at all and just feel terrible.

That's low level games where people dont know what they're doing.(Trying new builds and so fourth) You dont like it because you dont know what's going wrong. Once people get a fair impression of the metagame is where the shit-flinging begins.

It might also be that i'm playing in EUNE that people are like this.

It has to be the server you are on because I have never ran into people that make comments like that, sure I have seen some people say stuff about how someone doesn't know how to build or that they died and shouldn't have but nothing more that that. It may also be that I play 3s more than 5s and the people just act differently on it.

You can't really know even if you are not new. There's free rotation for that.

Outcome of LoL matches heavily depends on team compositions and mindsets of players in both teams. LoL matchmaking is as good as it gets. If you do not enjoy the game and you know you can't win, surrender at 20 minutes (write /ff in chat).

Those who say lol is fun never played war3 custom maps online, my god.. that was the best time of my life, hating dota on war3, but loving naruto-dota, vampire resurrection, rabbits vs sheep, and allll sorts of custom maps they played back then... defending with your bestfriend from a zombie attack is far superior to lol, i did play lol for a year and that my current best friend still plays it, but i found that not playing lol was more fun then playing lol, to me lol is just too confined, your shut in a box to playplayplay just to try out that champ u want, now me and my best friend are playing dota2 he kinda lost interest since september(hes a good player, he won a two 2-nd places in the 2 tournaments lan tournaments he participated in (we live in a small country of 3kk population)) so yeah were currently raging on raaaassians who go to eu servers and dont speak a dang word of english. Ofc if u get into dota2 too much(emotionaly) while in the noob-seminoob -non englishspeakingrussian elo your gonna have a bad soulcrushing losing faith in humanity time, if your solo the more u bring the less russian u get in team. Ofcourse if ur from us then ur gonna have a much better time