Logos I cut out of steel ( Big Images )

So I have a passion for getting logos, trying to make them as close as possible to the original and cutting them out :D A user here with this forum post likes to do the same thing :D http://teksyndicate.com/forum/other-media/tek-syndicate-logo-metal/124372 (Rinzler)


Anyways Here is some of my work I have done. Working on UNSC Logo right now. 

FPS Russia Logo

Saints ROw Logo



maybe you could cut out some RTW prototypes with different edges. to give some ideas to the other thread.

Well I will try, first got to wait till he gives us the CAD file and I can have a go ahead at it.

Can't wait to see what you do with it. 

read that as legos, a little sad now

but still nice!

i guess... art thread?



can you guys do the metroid logo? that would be bad ass.


short answer: Yes

long answer: could easily make one out of a saw blade

Yes indeed this is a art thread. Share you work!

That's awesome work! Think you could pull off the RTW logo?

I'm working on that in the other thread. Should be cut tommorow. :D