Logo Design. Need Graphic Designer

I need a logo designed for my small business and web-store. I figured I would pitch this to the community instead of having our hosting company do it. The last logo they made for me wasn't very good. So if you're talented and want to take a stab at this. Message me through the forum and we can discuss payment and what I need done. 



I shall take a stab. I paint for fun and edit gaming snapshots. Before i do anything can you tell me what your business is and if there is any specifics your looking for.

send the info to my email

Okay I'll message you both. @SASHAP. I will email you regarding these things. That is kinda sensitive information that I would not like to share with exception to people that are actually working on it.

[email protected] ... Just to make it easier for u to find

Kevin, I sent you an email through the forum. If you got it, ignore this message. If not, let me know & I will send another through your website.


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