Logitech's Windows 8 Peripherals Touch Down

Logitech today announced three new peripherals designed to provide intuitive navigation and touch controls for Windows 8 PCs that aren't a part of the new crop of tablets and touchscreen-equipped systems. That includes two touch-enabled computer mice and a wireless desktop touchpad. All three feature unique navigation features designed with Windows 8 in mind, and the trio will be available to buy at the end of this month.

I'm really impressed by these devices Logitech has developed for Windows 8 the design and functionality seem to be dead on.


Not the biggest Logitech fan myself; but I must say, i'm very impressed. (A lot of gestures though, sure hope that manual is nice to read. =P)

It certainly looks impressive, but I do worry abut how well the gestures will work. If it's anything like the touchpad on my laptop it will freak out as soon as your palm becomes slightly sweaty.


This guy seems so sweet and compassionate. I think I want to buy everything he's ever touched.

And logitech is better than razer. So. Opinion time.

Logitech is getting work DONE right now. DAMN 


I want to give that guy a hug...

I like the ideea of the touchpad thing but there's no room for it on my desk, between my gaming keyboard and my gaming mouse.

"Windows 8 is difficult to use without a touch screen."

Assuming these work as well as it looks like they do...