Logitech Mice and Linux

A friend gifted me a cool mouse - Logitech MX Master 2S and I am wondering if there’s any open source software for Linux that I can use to configure the additional buttons?

There’s proprietary software for the mouse called Logitech Options - http://support.logitech.com/en_us/software/options
however I wasn’t able to run it under Wine. If there’s a Wine guru here I’d appreciate some tips - maybe it’s potentially run-able. The application also exists for Mac so maybe the Mac version is easier to run under Linux.

I am running Fedora 25.

Any ideas?


I’m using an MX Master in Fedora. All the functions are definitely not used to the fullest. I found this a while ago, and was sort of planning on trying to set everything up manually. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Logitech_MX_Master

The chances of getting the OEM Logitech software to work right are probably pretty low, unfortunately.

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Seems like that tool can do a lot. Too bad it’s not 100% compatible.

I had the same problem with the side buttons on my G700s not being configurable. I ended up setting them up under Windows and then storing the settings on the mouse itself.
Not sure if the MX Master allows that too, but if it does that’s one way to work around the problem.

Yeah that thought crossed my mind, but frankly I don’t want to support or enable Microsoft in any way.

Own two logitech mice - g600 and g602, both dont have linux drivers. only working with basic mouse drivers. Sad Panda. Have been told roccat works with linux, and there is an open source configuration tool for razer called razercfg


although razer build quality is butts. Thinking of upgrading to a roccat nyth mouse

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Running a non activated version in a VM och regular boot some other computer just to set it up and store it in the mouse?
Then just delete it again.

It’s really cool that razercfg exists, but I have to agree with you that razer build quality sucks ass. I had a Razer Mamba 2012 and it literally started squeaking and falling apart after 5-6 months of use. And let me tell you something else - my $20 A4 tech mouse lasted 5 years like a champ, no issues whatsoever, while this $100 razer bs product barely lasted half a year.

I do enjoy Logitech mice a lot though - I have a Proteus Core G502 as well and I really like it. However Logitech support is crap and the fact that they refuse to provide linux support even though there are one of the largest peripherals manufacturers, really annoys me. I mean they already have mac support, is it really that hard to release the basic tools for Linux? If Roccat can do it what is Logitech waiting for?

I would give Roccat a try because their decision to support linux is admirable, but to be honest I am really addicted to the dual mode scroll wheel. Not sure if roccat have this but probably not.

Even if I don’t pay for it, it still means that Windows has to exist for me to be able to set up my mouse.
Although Windows is unlikely to disappear I still don’t like the idea of being dependent on it.

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Yeah I remember trying to get my G400s configured in Linux and it just wasn’t happening. I recall a stack overflow thread where a guy basically packet-sniffed the usb connection in Windows to see what signals the extra buttons sent. I miss having a dedicated double-click button. Running a Zowie now, it’s worth it just for the peace of mind (no drivers!).

Give Piper a try. The backend (libratbag) shows the MX Master in its supported devices list.


I just open a windows XP VM and open the config tool and pass through my mouse.

That looks promising - I will check it out and report later.