Logitech gaming Software

Hi, I have a G500 mouse (great mouse) but when i go to play F.E.A.R. 2 i go to map the kep bounds to the mouse and sometimes it doesnt get rid of the old one.

For instance standard in the game is right click melees and shift aims. I change 1 side button to right click (for melee) and the right click to shift (for aim). But it doesnt get rid of the old keybound and keeps the shift and the right click so it melee's than it aims every time.

I can not find a way to get ride of it completely and redo a bound. It doesnt always work like this so im not sure if its a bug or if im missing something completely

Any help would be great. Just got a new laptop and now i cant play certains game the way i want to.

And now my left and right button dont work at all but when i go and 'test' in the software it recognizes it but i cant click on anything i have to use my laptop mouse pad

try deleting the drivers for the old mouse you had and install some new drivers for that one(in the device manager), just a hunch

Now the mouse is working. But when i go and change the right click it changes the left click to the same thing. Crappy software so far. Unless im doing something completley wrong

try and download some current drivers from their website, you might have a lemon

Got them from the website for windows 8. Might be windows 8 but ill have to give logitech a call and see whats up. Thanks for the help atleast my mouse works normally.