Logitech Gaming Software On Ubuntu?

Yo, anyone know if I can make Logitech's gaming software work under Ubuntu? I'v been scanning some forums, and its not very clear whether it works or not. Those who say the make it work under wine is are not very keen on handing out any info.

It probably won't work very well under wine and since there isn't any Linux build, it's unlikely the status of this will change in the future.

Have you tried running it in wine? If so, let's have a look at the issues you've encountered.

What are you trying to run? I was looking into this recently for my keyboard, and there is a solution. Not ideal but it should work. You need Windows to setup keys/buttons and macros though. Haven't tried it yet. I also haven't looked into getting my mouse to fully function yet and whether this will be the same solution for them. Hardware support on Linux sucks almost as much as software support.

Havent tried running it through wine. It's not a really big deal though, but i would like too run some macroes on my g13. It might a different software i can use too make this happen for me.

Just like H-47 says, that it might be easyer too make macros undependent from the logitech software.

It doesnt work in Linux at all https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=14748

You'll need to look for some reverse engineered software or program marcos manually via the DE for example, it may or may not give you the desired effects.

There is on GIT some software for the Logitech Keyboard. It’s called LogiGSK and you have to compile it yourself. I also found somewhere (I don’t remember where (:slightly_frowning_face:) the same software for Ubuntu: logigsk-1.0.0.deb. I use it to set the colours on my G910, bur I have not tried yet to create macros with it.

I looked at GitHub, the doc says that you can create your own deb or rpm file and that it works with G910, G810, G610 and G410 keyboard to set only the colours. You will have to see if it can work with tour own keyboard if it’s different.

I fooled around trying to get G Hub to work on Wine and the closest I got was it beginning to launch then crash. I used to like their Gaming Software better but I feel like both solutions are still a little buggy. They overwrite their settings randomly. Mouse will change color. Keyboard defaults to the wrong layout on reboots. Support for color / key mappings per software title can be buggy as well. I’ve just given up and took my keyboard to work, set it to green and my mouse can do whatever it wants lol. I have the Logitech Pro keyboard and mouse (Have had both for over a year). On that note the mouse seems to keep its DPI settings which can be switched on the fly which is nice. I typically keep it at 400 but sometimes I’ll take it to 600 :open_mouth:

I also tried installing it in Virtualbox with a windows install and plugging them into a pcie usb expansion card which I never could get passed through right so it ultimately G Hub just doesn’t see those peripherals.

I use Ubuntu 20.04, btw.

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