Logitech G930

I have a Logitech G930 as my main headset and have a little extra money left to spend from the holiday. I was wondering if I should save my money for my next comp upgrade or point it toward a new headset. I honestly cant complain too much about the Logitech. I never knew how much I like having a wireless headset till I had one, not that I'm married to the idea, but i do wish sometime that it was a bit louder. Am I asking too much out of a headset and getting into the "grass is greener " mentality or is Logan right that I should by a head and mic individually to make a great headset. btw budget about $200 if so. 

Just wanted to jump in and say I was thinking of getting one, yet debating with purchasing a DAC and an open ear headset. I like the idea of wireless though and wanted to try it. Thoughts?

I've had mix thoughts on the G930's, I've owned 2. It's always nice to be working in my area and not being bound to a cord, but I've had nothing but issues with them. A recurring theme seems to be the sound cutting out, and on top of that the constant hiss. Maybe I'm just running into bad luck, but they are well built and are very convenient, still not going to replace my ath-m50's and mod mic, but they're wireless so can't really compare them.

I've been using them for a while now and they are pretty nice and and have very good mic quality for what it is. My main gripe is the battery life though and the distortion of sound when anything else but the flat EQ setting is changed. For the price they great though, as always with Logitech.

Also, for a gaming headset you generally want convenience and simplicity which the Logitechs provide. I'd only get a DAC and amp for a music/movie etc. listening session.

Thanks, guess I'll save up for a new gpu