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Logitech g920 Steam issues

Listed in this category because the G920 is a piece of hardware but i believe it to be software or firmware related.

like alot im an occasional sim racer. the G920 is a pretty solid, if basic set up for racing games and im happy with it.

So i see the Automobilista 2 update to full release and decide to drop on. i got it in early access so just did the update and fired it up.

My wheel isnt working.
Fired up project cars 2
wheel not working.
fired up Assetto corsa comp
Wheel not working.

Ive tried updating to g hub from gaming software application. No difference.
Ive also looked at the config on windows and everything is right and working.
Steam sees it when you do system info

IIve uninstalled and reinstalled about 5 times.
Nothing is making it go.

It works fine on forza horizon 4 via the windows store.

something about steam games or the steam client is not picking it up and i am lost
It was fine last month when i used it

Do the games actually have any configs/setups for this device in the game settings/options ?

The only other thing to check for is the individual game discussions and see if any others are using this device and what issues they may have found and corrected.

Have you tried running steam as admin? Just see if it works.

I don’t know if wheels are covered in the steam co troller settings. But when j play a non steam game the controller might not work unless steam is admin for those games.