Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum & Keyboards | PAX-EAST 2016

Logan looks at some new keyboards by Logitech, and a mouse that is so fast it´ll blow the hair off the top of your toes.

Let us know what you think.

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I think the wendell_AI_2000 glitched.

edit: the post was something else before.

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lol. ☺

Its a very epic looking mouse.

I gave Logitech a chance and their G300 had the colour wear off it very easily so I am going to try another brand of mouse in the future when I need a new one. As for the keyboard shown I like how bright it was and how it looked but if it has rubber on part of the body and that is located near the palm/wrist resting area I'd use no way I could use the keyboard. Finally in regards to wired vs wireless I don't care what the guy in the video says I will stick with my wired. I just prefer it.

something else entirely that was broken and made no sense. haha

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Yeah i fixed the wendell lol ☺

Yep they bring this out right after I buy a G602. But at least my battery life is better.

And very likely much, much cheaper. That price-tag is just plain ridiculous.

I would think twice or at least wait before buying another Logitech product. I have G602 and K800 and both mouse and keyboard have problems with buttons. Also check Amazon reviews for potential problems. I ignored reviews on the mouse because there were not so many and now I have exact same problems a week after guarantee was over.

I like the mouse, but I am more focused on the G810 keyboard. I enjoy the aesthetically pleasing nature of the Orion Spectrum. I think I may be picking one up in the near future.