Logitech G710+ first day review

Hi, I have no idea if this is the right place to put this but here we go. This is my first mech. keyboard so yeah.

No pictures yet, lost my SD card reader with my SD in it...

Ok, so I will admit, I like Logitech's products. Good build quality (but not spectacular), good price and the performance is amazing for the price. Does the G710+ live up for that? Depends what you need. I needed a numpad, 5-6 g-keys and backlighting then I wanted media controls and a wrist rest. If that's what you want wanted then yes. If not, I wouldn't recommend it for the money you have to pay as there are cheaper ones albeit with less features.


Looks: I know that the orange 'accent' around the 6 g-keys aren't for anyone but to be honest I don't look at my g-keys too much so I don't mind too much. Do I like the accent? Well I guess I do if I'm not bitching all over the internet over it so yea :)

Do I like the general look of it? Yeah, I like the clean angles and such. The little Logitech logo over the (probably plastic) aluminium piece a nice addition to aesthetics of the keyboard. A little niggle I have is that the backlight doesn't light the ENTER, PAUSE, PRINT SCREEN and SHIFT (not as badly though) key evenly.


Ergonomics: Not bad, but I'd like the palm/wrist rest to be a bit longer as I like to have my palm on it, not a 'claw' grip so that's annoying. It's also a bit flimsy... I do wish the backlighting controls and the media keys to be a bit more in the middle so it's easier to go press but I don't really care about it.


Typing experience: Coming over from a membrane keyboard (Logitech K520) unsurprisingly it's absolutely awesome! The tactile feel of the keys is bliss!!! I'm typing this review on it and my typing is definitely faster and a bit more precise but coming from the LP keys on the membrane one I had I'm still a bit unaccurate but I've only used this for less than 3 hours...

Do I think it's worth all the exaggeration around the internet? No but it's real f***ing good!


Features: I like the 6 g-keys as for me, that's the perfect amount of keys. The dual backlighting (WASD and arrows, everything else) is pretty cool, I have my WASD at 100% and other keys at 50%. Being a big music listener I wanted media keys. All I can say about the media and memory keys is they're adequate. The volume wheel, now that's pretty cool. The on-the-fly macro recording is a gimmick for me as I just set it up in the software.

My rating of it would be 9/10.

For those who were like tl;dr here's the pros and cons:


- Nice lookswith the angular design of it but the orange ring around the g-keys are subjective.

- Feel awesome coming from a membrane user.

- Media controls and a scroll volume wheel.

- Different backlighting levels for WASD/arrows and all the other keys. Also pretty bright.

- On-the-fly macro recordings (can be a gimmick but that's completely subjective).


- Wrist/palm rest can be uncomfortable for people who put their palms on it. Also feels a bit flimsy.

- No RGB backlighting (goddamnit Corsair!)

- Some keys aren't lit evenly (ENTER, PAUSE, PRINT SCREEN and SHIFT)

If you read this so far thanks!