Logitech G700s or Corsair M65

I am looking for a new mouse. Could someone pleas explain the pros and cons. Also is it possible to map one of the hot keys on the g700s to act like the sniper button on the M65?

I have the M65, its really nice but I can give you some cons. The main left and right buttons are really good at collecting grime from your fingers, it doesn't take a second to clean them though.

I never use the sniper button, I thought I would, and maybe you would do more so, but I just don't.
I took all the weights out and it would make more sense to me if they made it so it was lighter without them because it still is a heavy mouse.

Good points are it has a high quality feel to it, the DPI mode buttons on the top are very useful, for example if you are playing an old game and the mouse is so fast in the menu's that you can barely see it. Just a quick switch down to 800 DPI makes it easy and then you can quickly switch back. 

Its either quite large or I have small hands but its an OK fit for me.

Another good point is that I have the white one, and after having it for around 8 months with heavy use it still looks new.

Hope this helps.