Logitech g600 question

I just got the G600 and was wondering is there any way to edit the mouse without booting to windows from Linux. I am currently using Ubuntu Gnome.

Bump. Would like to know this too (I have the g600 and might try out Linux within the next two weeks).

A blogpost I wrote some time ago. There are several ways to do it. Look up the ”get all mousbuttons working“ article in the arch wiki.
The configuration is not really “straight forward“ (missing support from logitech, as usual). But this is like a powerful workaround. In principle you could put crazy macros on each button. But you still depend on the windows tool (only once) in some cases.

If you have any questions, just ask!

with some light digging after looking at the blog post, I found more info then I need to do this.
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I have when you use the sudo evtest command what is it? From the looks of it, it is custom code that gets the raw input from the device and displays the needed info for the next step. How would I do the same thing?
Have you been able to get the 3 profiles to work independently, or does it group them as one with different LED colors?

quick look for sudo evtest shows it as an installable testing script.

I can use the three profiles independently, since i mapped the buttons to different shortcuts/letters.
evtest is just a small program that shows the raw input from the device (here called event), much like you already said! If not available on your system I’m sure that it can be easily installed. You must run it as root (therefore the sudo command) though, since normal users have no rights to access hardware devices directly.

after starting evtest you simply choose your device from the given list and check for the values. :)

Well what you could so (it's a bit annoying) is make a virtualbox with windows or go into an already existing windows partition and put the mouse onto onboard memory so that your settings are saved. Then you can go onto linux and it will be set with your settings.

I have a G600 too and I know why it's irritating.

ya I installed it, it was easy to do so. while using it I found that the mouse is reporting to the computer the mode it has switched to if, mine showed up as a second value with the numbers 20,21,22. the DPI also seems to be doing this as well but only if the DPI changes. I do not remember what I set my DPI to but the 'evtest' displays a secondary number when the change occurs. this number may be why the windows software has large blocks when switching the DPI in it. Did this happen with you as well, if so is there anyway to catch this data for display in a notification in linux?

I've come to the conclusion that the second number is an ID reference number and not a number that corresponds directly to DPI and MODE. Without a way to read the data on the mouse, the data it would link to would have to be manually added to what ever script reading the data. If the data could be read, maybe it could be written to.