Logitech G502 vs Corsair M65

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a new mouse. My Razer Deathadder (the original 2006 version) finally kicked the bucket. At first, I was considering the DeathAdder 2013, but after reading numerous negative customer reviews, I took it off my list. After doing some Googling, I came across the G502 and the M65. I've used Logitech mice before and they've always been pretty comfortable. Plus, I usually hear good things about Logitech's reliability and quality. On the other hand, I have Corsair products: case, psu, ram, etc. But I've never used one of their mice before. I read reviews on various sites and both the G502 and M65 are well regarded by critics and customers alike. So, I turn to the fine people of Tek Syndicate. Of the two which is better?


P.S. I will probably be using this mouse for FPS. I do play other genres but I'm mostly concerned about FPS performance.

I have first-hand experience with the M65, and the sensor was terrible. Brilliant construction, but the acceleration is really obvious. Couldn't use it in an FPS game. However, other people really enjoy that mouse.

I did some digging and supposedly Corsair fixed the acceleration issue with a firmware update. However, since i don't have one I don't know if this is true or not. :(


Nope, they definitely didn't fix it. I installed the firmware update before using the mouse, and the acceleration is the worst I have ever encountered

the M40 or M45 are better the the m65 I think because they are optical but I would look at the g502 it is a cool mouse with a good sensor basically a g400 mixed with a g602.

I haven't used the M65, but the G502 is great. The precision is very, very good and the thumb buttons are easily reachable. It's a comfortable mouse, but it's a bit thin and not particularly built for big hands. My ring and pinky, as well as the back of my palm drag when I use it. It's alright for a claw grip tho.