Logitech g35 upgrade, have a few links, Ready to buy ASAP

Hi everyone,
decided to post this question on this site instead of Linus or jayz2cents, always felt the tek syndicate videos and fan base was better :)

okay well after using my Logitech g35 for 3 and half years my cable finally broke tried to fix it myself i think i shorted the headset..

now i know a little about audio from back in high school when i had subs,
ohms= resistance.spl, db, etc...

I asked a few friends on what should i buy between 40-80$
i prefer closed headsets, or semi open
really like the g35 surround sound, but i can use razer software
can buy stand alone mic/ for headphones
really would not prefer to buy a amp $$$$
comfort is important!!!!!!! i love my g35 for that
and just a upgrade from the g35 i guess 50mm drivers compared to the 40mm one
i will be using onboard audio from gigabyte 990fxa-ud3
only use my headphones for gaming, 2-4 hours a every other day

i know my budget is rather small but im trying to save my money to upgrade my system any help would be nice

first one my friend recommend very cheap and specs wise good

i guess these have a good sound stage??? and also cheap

my friend said these one are the (best buy, best audio and sound quality) i would need a amp and there out of my budget :(

re buy the Logitech g35 again???

read a lot of reviews about the kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset
i guess these are worse then the first link i posted at 1/3 the price????


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Well I have the Superluxx HMC681 EVO and I like them. The surround I don't have I really don't miss.

Made a review about it some time ago. https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/superlux-hmc681evo-is-here-with-small-review/75773
I still find it a great deal for a gaming headphone.

sorry for the late update... i ended up ordering the 681 evo the same day, now i just keep checking amazon for the delivery date :(, (wish i had prime)
on a quick note my friend recommend the 681 b over the evos, but after reading your review #hakker i think ill be happy with the evo

thanks for the help really appreciate it