Logitech G35 Equalizer Profiles

Hi again!

So, some time ago I bought me some G35s, installed the Logitech Gaming Software, and came across the equalizer part of it. Here's the catch: there are no presets! I went and looked online and few were the results I came across, so, one day, I just decided to play some tunes and try to make my own EQ setting. I personally think it sounds pretty good ;) . If you come across any presets you may want to share, please feel free! I'll start by adding the one I am currently using, as follows:

Preamp | 32 | 64 | 125 | 250 | 500 | 1K | 2K | 4K | 8K | 16K | Hz

      0     |  6  |  4  |   5   |   3   |   1   |  -2 |  1  |   3  |  5  |   7   |

(Although this might not necessarily be the best EQ setting, I find it quite decent for listening to music, as it boosts quiet sounds really well, and bass enhancement is also noticeable)

Feel free to use it! I don't own it :P



I have my preamp negative.... lol

Do you also get this glitch where it keeps playing sound even if you set the volume to 0? Is that why your preamp is negative, or does it improve overall sound quality?