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Logitech G27 racing wheel clutch and shifter don't work


There is a known problem with the latest version of Windows 10 and the G27. It is detected as an old Driving Force and as a result is missing the clutch and shifter. I’ve followed everything on Logitech’s forums like reloading Windows, WheelDriverCleaner.exe, changing to just USB Input Device, mixing and matching drivers from various versions of Logitech Gaming Software but to no avail.

Has anybody solved this problem? Or is anyone aware of a custom driver for the G27?

Thanks for any input.



I’ve run into this exact issue a number of times. This video is a couple years old, but is basically what I used to do to fix it. Sometimes it still wouldn’t work and plugging the wheel into a different port on the PC (pref. USB2) did the trick.



I’d seen this. Negative for me. I even went back to Win10 Anniversary Update (oldest copy I had) and still no luck. USB2 or 3 didn’t make any difference. It worked fine 4 years ago when Win10 first came out.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:



The best solution is these devices to make both the pedals and shifter standalone joysticks. With 2 day shipping from England it was $85 vs $320 for a new model.



It has given me a lot of grief over the last few years with this. Some times it just wouldn’t work, no matter what I tried and eventually I’d do something that somehow fixed it and could never remember for the next time. It was really quite annoying and frustrating.

After every windows update, it would happen again because windows would overwrite the drivers I’d manually install and the changes I’d made and screw it up again.

My G27 died a while back and for a replacement, I decided to stay away from the Logitech wheels (even though they are quite good), simply because of all the driver issues.

I went with the Thrustmaster TMX this time and paired it with the G27 pedals & shifter using the stand-alone shifter adapter you linked to and another adapter that let’s you use the G27 pedals with the TMX/T150 wheel.

Haven’t had a single issue thus far with the new wheel. It’s really surprising though, that these issues haven’t been properly fixed on windows or logitech’s side, knowing how wide-spread the problems is.



Agreed its very cheesy that neither Microsoft or Logitech has addressed this issue. Or even acknowledged it.