Logitech $34.99 (usually $80) Mouse Pistol uses

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Here is a random spew from a minecraft forum I left... just for bs no need to read.

This mouse is currently going for $34.99 (usually $80)

I personally own one of these and enjoy it. You have 12 keys on the side you can map to whatever. Like I use them for ptt, virtual chests etc... the mouse scroll wheel also has left and right side clicks. Dpi up to 8200 no clue why you'd need it that high but still. the leds can be set to pulse, cycle or be solid... pink if you like :p (mines blue to match kb) ...

This mouse also has a ring finger button (I use it for ptt on minecraft other games dpi change or g-shift)
You can use mode switch button alongside g-shift to completely change key layouts on the fly. Effectively leaving your thumb to 72 different functions without leaving game or anything if you truly like (overkill). I only have it set for 6 on minecraft at the time but hey...

Logitech's software also receives a thumbs up by me knowing what game or program I have open and pre-loading my profile for it. For instance on cyberfox/firefox what would be my virtual chest in minecraft has become my auto save batch picture button releasing a macro to go through my tabs save the photo I've opened close tab and continue till complete :d (issue with same named files though) or on planetside 2 it will become my special ability etc you get the point just laying out a rough example... possibilities in media editing are amazing btw :p

Going to stop rambling sorry hope you check it out though, Happy gaming!


people need high mouse dpi for high resolution screens

I have had one for 11 months, now. Fantastic mouse, highly recommend it.

1440p user.

I use 2600 just roaming windows.

I usually lower it while doing productivity

and i also raise it higher (3000+ depending on the game) when i game.

how awkward would that be for someone only used to 2 extra buttons?

I will be holding onto my G9 until it no longer works.

you left out the fact that it's refurbished.

yeah refurbished is a big put off :(. When i eventually do buy a new mouse (currently using a G9x) ill probably get one of these.

it has a weird shape?

$35 for a 'REFURBISHED' mouse? .....looks a little to small for my shovel hands lol.

Just a note I have this mouse and if I'm not mistaken this is the first run of the G600 just like mine that doesn't support firmware updates. You might encounter problems that while minor are annoying, and while a simple unplug will fix them it still is a matter of annoyance. I still enjoy the mouse, and if you are looking for a good deal well than this is a great opportunity.

I got mine from amazon "like new" for that price, it came defective so I notified seller and they gladly shipped me a "New" one lol. Works just great I must say. Wish I could add weight but whatever, it's good enough like this. (lucky to get that version that is able to update firmware)

Not sure how large your hands are but my hands are around 21 cm long and 10 cm wide, and this mouse fits my hand fairly well.  It's still a tad bit small than I like, but it's far better than the last mouse I was using.  I can palm grip the mouse without too much trouble.

Heh. I still use a stock Dell optical mouse.

I bought one for 45 Aus, Amazing mouse, I do get double click issues now and then like Pistol mentioned but she hasnt had this issue. As someone with average hands, this mouse is just slightly too big to fingertip grip. I came from a mouse small enough that my fingers would touch my desk if I tried to palm it and getting used to it isnt too bad. It has been handle in League of Legends for using items and Battlefield here and there.

That's a pretty amazing deal, even though it's refurbished.  I picked mine up for around $60 brand new.  I have seen it on sale for $45 before.