Logi G600 vs Corsair M95


Does anyone have experience with both the Logitech G600 and the Corsair M95 and can tell which is better and why? I have normal sized hands and will use the mice in games and will use the mouse create productivity macro's. Is the quality of the M95 better than the G600, because where I live the M95 i slightly more expensive


Cheers! . 

Well i've ised the G600 and it is very nice.

It has way more buttons, and the button that the G600 have a way more useful i.e the third click etc.

But the M95 won't be a bad mouse, but I can't judge on that coz I haven't used it, I just know that the G600 would be more useful due to the buttons and their placement.

I have the G600 and love that I can use the extra buttons as commands. I have it set up with different profiles for the various programs I use, in AutoCAD I can get more screen space by hiding the ribbon interface and just use text based macros binded to the mouse.

I didn't find the Corsair M95 as comfortable to use as the Logitech G600.
The buttons are very complicated and does not feel as natural.
BUT the G600 has uncomfortable buttons too, I find the G15-20 side Buttons hard to reach when moving the mouse.