Logans skyrim download?

hey guys id love to be able to play skyrim with all the mods logan uses in his video but due to me working all the time and only haveing about 2 hours every few days to play video games i dont have the time or energy to go through with watching his 40+ min video and figuring out how to install which mods over what and getting it all worked out. 

What im asking is if anyone has logans setup or something orgasmic looking like his if they could take only the folders that have the mods already installed and working and upload it as a torrent or download link for me to download and just paste into mine? I dont need the game files or the whole game ive already purchased it through steam. if it can be done without being unbelievably illegal id GREATLY appreciate it!  

As for if im able to run his moded version i would like to think yes? not sure but i have a core i7 3770K, 16GB ram, GTX 770 4GB.  

Sharing mod configurations can be an ugly beast. Everybody has different hardware setups, and different software in the background. If you were to copy and paste like you're suggesting there would be no guarantee that it would work, or that it would perform well.

If you're interested I could give you some guidance for what mods to get, and how to install them. If you know what you're doing you could easily install 100+ mods in 2 hours. However a big part of modding is configuring it the way you like it. Unless you take the time to try mods, and find out what you like you won't have the perfect set up for you.

Hey man, I appreciate that you lack the time to spend ages learning how to mod and everything but as Alan above me said, copying someone's setup directly will probably not work out too well... I would however point you towards Skyrim Total Enhancement Project. This guide tells you exactly what to setup and how to do it, throw in an ENB and you have a very nice looking Skyrim. 

http://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.2.9  (When you open it you'll probably be put off as it appears to be a wall of text, but it doesn't take long at all to read through the stuff, most of your time will probably be spent downloading rather than learning :) )

Best of luck.

Not only is there an issue with different hardware setups, but some mods require other mods, some mods require a certain load order, you have to check mods for dirty edits, make sure patches are loaded after the mods, make sure ini files are set right, etc. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to modding.