Logan's Microhphone Windshield


I just want to quickly ask if anyone knows what windshield he uses? I think it may be the rode deadkitten but I'm not 100%.

Thanks xxx

Somebody did post a link about this 'pop filter', it may be a Chinese filter with artificial fur, from a company in Singapore (I think)

Do you have a link mate?

It's Mumra's shaved fur. (That's the dog's name, right?)



Ah that's right. Hell I didn't even spell Mumm-Ra correctly.


Edit: Oh god damnit and I'm conflating Masters of The Universe with Thunder Cats.



No matey, I should have bookmarked the link. I did have a look at the site, and they sell a range of computer accessories.

Funny I was actually about to post the same question in the inbox, I also have a at2020 and would love to have the same pop filter, since it is different and looks more fun than just a circle pop filter in front of the mic. Would love to know how to obtain one. 

Logan, tell us where to get this thing before I shave my cat out of desperation! lol 

After literally 3 days of researching for a couple of hours on this alone, I finally found the link that the above poster was talking about, this is exactly the same thing I believe logan uses, it looks exactly the same. I hope I was of help to thos looking for it. I believe he is probably using the medium lenght one. 
So I wont have to shave my cat after all :D 

I believe its this one
Wind Tech Mic-Muff Fitted Fur Windscreen For PANASONIC AG-MC200G HVX200 MIC-2