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It's been a week with Linux. How is it so far?

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I'm mostly new to Linux and will be starting conversations, asking and answering questions, and sharing my experiences with Linux. Let me know what you think of the first video. Future videos will be more specialized.

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I love these kinds of videos. I use cinnamon myself and haven't used GNOME 3 cause I expected it to suck donkey-balls sine I hated Unity. Now I'm not so sure.

I think it's @wendell posting for @logan. Like the description of the video

The simultaneous full screen applications on multiple monitors really got me interesseret. Does it work well even if the monitors run at different resolutions? Do games have to support windowed full screen or is this a windows thing?

I've got a 15 day holiday coming up and have never tried out Linux.
Looks like I'm not leaving the house for at least 1/5th of that holiday then.

YES!!!!! I am so damn happy that the Tek has started an open converstaion about free (as in freedom) software. So happy I could cry...like a man ofcourse :). Also thankyou @wendell for your enterprise videos especially 10GB ethernet.

I had no idea the tab managing was that good on linux, or Ubuntu at least.

Logan, you've probably done more to promote Linux with that vid, than any other I've ever seen! So many Linux geeks (and I include myself here) drone on about the power of the command line, servers and vi for editing, that we completely forget end users that just want to do stuff. Gnome 3 looks really great too. Well done mate!

Wendell, I think your vid needed a bit more planning.