Logan's Favorite Bands?

I realize this is completely unrelated to technology, but I was just curious as to what Logan's favorite  bands are. I'm also really into metal and I'm always looking for new bands to listen to! 

i actually asked him this question about a year ago here's the original thread lol


Haha cool thanks! There's a lot of Black Metal I've never heard of in there. I'm always looking for new music. What bands are you into? 

I could go on for a while but here's a few.

I like Alot of Atmospheric Black Metal a lot more than the regular raw black metal but it's still good i like them both.

  1. Evilfeast
  2. Burzum
  3. Darkthrone
  4. Emperor
  5. Hecate Enthroned (First 3 Albums)
  6. Brocken Moon (Yes it's actually spelled like this)
  7. Vordven
  8. Cynestole
  9. All the Cold
  10. Immortal

The Band's I've listed Make a Very Good Atmospheric Black Metal Something To listen to on a cold day.

For Example "All the Cold" I've Listed Here. Here is one of my Favorite Tracks to give you a good picture of what i mean lol


Nice, I absolutely love Burzum and Immortal. Emperor is really good too, along with Watain and Gorgoroth. I'm not huge  into black metal but I find that if i search enough I can find some good ones.