Logan's Desk Surface

I'm recently in the market for material to protect my new desk from getting scratched. I remember Logan talking about a black material he used and how it can be bough from any good hardware store if you as for "_b_l_a_n_k_". I would be much abliged if somebody can tell me what it is.


It's a typed of rubber matting if I am not mistaken...

Cheers for the reply What do you think of this capn'?


I think its the right idea but way to deep/industrial. I'd loose my pencils down the cracks.

Nice. It's ribbed for your pleasure.

He went down to a hardware store, said "I need a rubber mat" and they cut him a huge piece for like $10. They have big rolls of it.


Thanks Pistol, I guess I'm overthinking it. Onward to the hardware store!